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Sling TV Vs Philo – Which is Better?

When comparing Sling TV versus Philo, the biggest difference between these two services is the number of add-ons. Sling TV offers three package options with thirty to fifty channels, and you can add as many as 100 if you want. Philo, on the other hand, only offers a few add-ons. Each of the three packages comes with a home screen, search bar, and an account icon.

Despite their differences, these two services have a lot in common. Both are designed to be a replacement for cable TV, and both have their strengths and weaknesses. However, Sling offers a more diverse lineup of channels than Philo, which costs $10 more. Additionally, Philo offers unlimited cloud DVR storage, while Sling only allows you 10 hours. This makes choosing between the two a tough task.

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Sling TV offers a broader lineup of channels than Philo does, and it includes more premium channels. However, Philo doesn’t offer any local channels. The main drawback to Philo is the lack of sports channels. While Sling TV offers a wider range of channels, Philo’s lineup is not as diverse. Sling TV has more live channels. Philo, on the other hand, offers more premium channels.

When comparing Sling TV versus Philo, it’s worth considering price. Sling TV offers a more basic bundle for only $35 per month. Philo, on the other hand, starts at $25 for a larger package. If you can afford it, you can go with Philo. However, if you want local content and entertainment channels, Sling TV might be the better option.

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Considering these two streaming services’ features, the decision is not difficult. Sling TV is slightly cheaper than Philo, and it offers a larger library of premium channels. Philo lacks major sports channels, so the difference in price can make it hard to decide which is better. However, for those who want to watch live television without paying a dime, both services offer excellent streaming experiences.

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Philo offers live and on-demand programming. It includes more than 60 channels for a $20 monthly subscription. It also offers live channels, including AMC, BET, ID, TLC, Travel Channel, Vice, and more. Despite its low price, Philo is a great choice for cutting the cord. However, it’s worth noting that most streaming services have raised prices in the past year, making it harder for those on a budget to choose between the two.

The main difference between Sling TV and Philo is the amount of cloud DVR storage. Philo allows you to save recordings for up to one year, while Sling allows you to keep up to 50 hours. Sling TV also allows multiple simultaneous streams. In comparison, Philo’s streaming service is restricted to three devices at a time. Sling can be streamed on all three.

Sling TV also has many premium channel add-ons, including the A&E, Cozi, and E! networks. In addition, it offers more international content, including Flix Latino, Hulu Plus, and the NFL Network. However, Sling TV has some downsides. If you are primarily interested in watching news and sports, you will be better off with Sling TV.

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