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How to Get Netflix Free Trial of 30 Days in 2022

With a number of OTT apps available at our fingertips, watching content online has become the easiest way to keep ourselves entertained.

Netflix is one such provider that has millions of subscribers and most of them started by using Netflix’s free 30-day trial.

So, if you’re planning on subscribing to Netflix, then you should definitely consider exploring their trial period. 

However, as of 2022, Netflix has stopped offering free trials on their platform and you must purchase a plan in order to watch any kind of content on their platform. You will be able to either change the plan or cancel at any point in time with no cancellation fees or holds on the card.

Let’s take a look at all there is to know about how to get Netflix free trial of 30 days in 2022.

How to Get Netflix Free Trial of 30 Days

Currently, Netflix does not offer free trials of their service and this scheme was discontinued back in October 2020.

The change hit most countries and users will now have to purchase a subscription plan in order to watch Netflix content.

How to Get Netflix Free Trial of 30 Days
Source: Netflix

Users in Kenya, Switzerland and Vietnam on the other hand have access to the free 30 day trial which includes over half of Netflix’s viewing content absolutely free. 

But, if you’re keen on using the Netflix free trial period then i’d suggest using a VPN and changing your location to Kenya to gain access to the Kenyan Netflix domain.

Facts About the Netflix 30-Day Free Trial

  • Netflix offers a free trial of one month to brand new consumers only.
  • Users get instant access to most of Netflix’s catalog that includes international shows and movies.
  • While subscribing for this offer, customers need to verify the repayment method.
  • No charges are collected prior to the free trial ends.
  • Subscribers can choose any one of the Netflix plans while applying for the free trial.
  • Subscribers have the option to upgrade their Netflix plan anytime.
  • Netflix sends out notice before the trial ends. The subscriber has complete liberty to terminate it or continue with any of Netflix’s paid plans.

How to Use the Netflix 30-Day Free Trial Period

Since the trial period is available only to Kenyan customers, you will have to use a VPN to gain access to their services. 

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To do this you will need a computer or mobile device and a premium VPN that provides Kenyan servers.

How to Get Netflix Free Trial of 30 Days
Source: Netflix

Now, connect to one of the Kenyan servers and then either download the Netflix smartphone app or visit the website (

Proceed to sign up for a new account and then select the free-trial plan. Once activated, you will have access to most of Netflix content for a period of 30 days absolutely free. 

How to Get Netflix Free Trial of 30 Days
Source: Netflix

No card information will be collected at this time and canceling the subscription before the 30-days will not result in any charge.

Tips to Obtain Netflix Free Trial for More Than 30 Days

Use different accounts – One of the easiest ways to get extended trial on Netflix is by using different email addresses and phone numbers while activating the free trial period.

Netflix tends to notify users a couple of days in advance when their free trial period is ending and post the 30 days, you will not be able to apply for a free trial anymore.

By using alternate email addresses, you’re bypassing Netflix’s algorithm and in turn will be granted additional free trials depending on the number of email addresses you have lying around.

Netflix provides free trials to unsubscribed customers – Often, Netflix sends an email to customers who have opted out of their services requesting them to try Netflix once again. This email is not sent to all subscribers, but only to a handful and if you receive this email consider yourself lucky.

Use someone else’s account – Netflix’s plans allow watching movies and tv shows on more than one device. If your buddies or relatives have registered for one of these plans, you can request them for their login and create a profile for yourself to use.

Get a Free Netflix Premium Subscription 

Yes, you heard it right. Users in certain countries are eligible for free subscription to Netflix premium content by simply purchasing a telecom plan. 

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Countries like India have this service available to everyone and if you’re living in India, then simply recharge your SIM card and avail the benefits, it’s as simple as that.

Network providers like Vodafone, Jio, Tata Sky and Airtel provide rewards on every recharge, one of them being a free Netflix premium subscription. These same vendors also give away free premium subscriptions to other OTT platforms like Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar.

How to Get Netflix Free Trial of 30 Days
Source: Airtel

To avail the free Netflix subscription, you must have either an active Jio SIM, Airtel SIM or a Vodafone SIM. You should also have their respective apps installed on your device.

When it’s time to do a recharge, check the benefits of each plan and figure out which plan is best suited for you. 

Under the benefits section you will be able to tell whether you’ll receive a free connection to Netflix, Prime Video or Hotstar. Some service providers even give all three subscriptions for free such as Airtel IND.

How to Get Netflix Free Trial of 30 Days
Source: Jio Fiber

Claim the reward post the recharge and then sign into a new account to avail the free subscription.

If your email or phone number was registered with the same reward earlier then you will not be able to claim the free subscription. However, if you have more than one SIM, you can recharge each SIM and get the free subscription times the number of SIMs you have.

Also, make sure you have multiple email addresses to use while doing this or else you will not be able to avail the free subscription.

Alternate Fix: Subscribe to Netflix in Another Country

An alternative to not being able to get a free trial on Netflix is to subscribe to an international plan from another country.

Generally, the prices of Netflix are different in each country, so if you’d like to save some money on Netflix, then consider using a VPN and purchasing a subscription plan from a different country or region.

As of today, Turkey provides the cheapest Netflix subscription plan, but in order to purchase a plan in another country, you will need to have a billing address in that country as well as a valid credit/debit card and mobile number of that country.

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Here’s the current subscription costs (in USD) based on some popular countries and regions.

CountryNetflix BasicNetflix StandardNetflix Premium
United States$9.99$15.49$19.99


Does Netflix have a free trial of 90 days?

No, Netflix does not provide free trials of 90-days. In fact they don’t offer free trials at all. They used to provide free 30-day trials back when they were just kicking off, but with over millions of subscribers worldwide, this plan has since been discontinued.

Are there any Netflix coupon codes for free trials?

No, there are no codes for free Netflix trials and potential subscribers will have to purchase a premium plan in order to watch content on Netflix. Some apps like Paytm, Airtel and Jio offer rewards in the form of free subscription plans.

What is Netflix canceling procedure?

Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time by logging into their registered Netflix account and navigating to the Accounts section. Tap on Terminate subscription and confirm the cancellation. No charges will be collected if the account is canceled before the start of the next billing cycle.

Can i watch Netflix for free on ROKU?

Yes, you can watch Netflix for free on ROKU by subscribing to the T-Mobile ‘Netflix on Us’ plan.

How to watch Netflix for free on FireStick?

You can watch Netflix for free on FireStick by connecting to a Kenyan VPN server and then opting for the Kenyan Netflix free trial.


Netflix has been around for a long time and has grown at an exponential rate. They showcase major TV shows from across the globe and even have a vast library of some of the biggest and best movies till date.

Unfortunately, Netflix has done away with their free trial plans and you will be able to avail their services only by purchasing one of their subscription plans or by getting rewarded by your network or cable provider.

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