Netflix Rs 199 Plan launched, best plan for mobile users

Netflix one of the best live streaming app across the world, has launched it’s cheapest subscription plan today. Earlier, Netflix was the costliest among its competitors like hotstar and Amazon Prime. Though it offers best and quality content than its rivals. After launching of Netflix Rs 199 plan, Netflix has brought more competition in online streaming apps. Now subscribers can access quality content at Rs 199 per month.

Netflix Rs 199 plan

Netflix offers 4 subscription plans to its subscriber now. Earlier it was available in three plans basic, standard and Premium. Netflix launched it’s most affordable subscription plan on 24 July 2019 for it’s subscribers. The plan is named as Mobile. Subscribers can avail this plan at Rs 199 per month.

This plan is for those subscribers who want to use Netflix only on their mobile devices. Netflix Rs 199 new mobile plan doesn’t support multiple-device streaming and it can be used only on mobile phones and tablets. Features of this plan are given in below table.

Netflix mobile plan features

Ultra HDNo
Support laptop & TVNo
Screens available at same time1
Unlimited films & television programmeYes
Free trial period 30 days
Monthly Charge199 Rs
Support mobile phone and tabletYes
CancellationAny time

As we can see in the above table, there are some limitation in this plan. The best thing about this plan is that it offers unlimited films and tv programs to its subscriber. Though it doesn’t support laptop and television.

Netflix Rs 199 plan

The content offered under this plan is not of ultra HD and HD quality. Ultra HD quality content is available to premium users only and HD is available to both standard and premium subscribers.

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Like Netflix basic, standard and premium subscription plans, 199 Rs plan has a free trial period of 30 days. During the trial period of this plan, the subscriber can cancel subscription at any time without paying the subscription fee. Once the trial period is about to expire, Netflix sends reminder payment email to the registered email address. User can cancel or continue subscription by paying Rs 199.

This is all you should know about Netflix Rs 199 plan. This plan will surely make amazon prime and hotstar to reconsider their subscription plans pricing. We can expect good news from Amazon and hotstar now.

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