How to watch Hotstar in USA without VPN.

Hotstar is loaded with entertainment. Everyone fond of Bollywood and sports wants to subscribe Hotstar. Currently, Hotstar is available in India, USA, UK & Canada. Hotstar content is restricted to these four countries. It is almost impossible to watch Hotstar outside these countries without VPN. Hotstar content is also tailored country-wise. In this post, I will tell you how to watch Hotstar in the USA without a VPN.

Watch Hotstar in USA without VPN

To watch Hotstar in the USA, you should be physically present in the USA because Hotstar content is geo-restricted. If you are not in the USA and still want to watch Hotstar, you require to use a VPN. You can read our post for this, How to watch Hotstar outside India free.

Let’s talk in details about watching Hotstar without VPN now.

Click here to go to Hotstar USA homepage.

Watch hotstar in USA without VPN

Thereafter click on choose your plan. Hotstar USA has two subscription plans for its subscribers. First is a monthly plan and another is an annual subscription plan. An annual plan is almost 60% cheaper than a monthly plan. Moreover, it gives you a trial period.

Once you click on the choose plan. The membership plan page will open.

Hotstar USA membership plan

Sports & Entertainment annual plan costs 99.99$ annually while the monthly plan costs 19.99$. The content offered in both plans remains the same. Once you choose a plan and click on start subscription button, the payment page will open.

Hotstar USA Subscription fee

On the payment page, Fill your credit card details and check terms & condition box. You can save money by applying the Hotstar coupon code. You can check out latest Hotstar USA coupon code here. After applying coupon code, you will get a discount and subscription fees will be reduced.

Click the Start Membership button and you are all set to watch Hotstar in the USA without using VPN. As mentioned on the Hotstar payment page, the subscriber can cancel the subscription within 48 hours and will get a full refund.

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