How to Watch Sportsnet Now Live Stream for Free
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How to Watch Sportsnet Now Live Stream for Free | All You Need to Know

Sportsnet is a Canadian sports specialty channel that offers 24/7 programming services.

The network has a number of channels under their belt such as Sportsnet One, Sportsnet World, Sportsnet 360, TVA Sports, WWE Network, and Sportsnet Radio: CJCL, CFAC and CISL.

But how do you watch Sportsnet Now live stream for free? Is it possible to do so outside Canada?

Truth be told, Sportsnet used to offer a free trial upon subscribing to one of their online packages. However, as of 2022 the brand doesn’t offer a free trial and instead users will have to subscribe to their services by paying for the subscription in full. There is an option where you can try the Free Preview that’s available to stream on their platform, but it offers very limited content and there’s no live events.

Let me take you through all there is to know about watching Sportsnet Now for free and see if I can answer any doubts you may have about their services.

Watch Sportsnet Now for Free

What is Sportsnet Now?

Sportsnet Now is the online platform of Sportsnet that Canadian TV subscribers can access either by logging into the app/website using an OTT subscription plan, pay television subscription or by purchasing a subscription directly from their app/website.

How to Watch Sportsnet Now Live Stream for Free
Sportsnet Now Live Sports

This service was first launched in 2014 and offers cable streaming of regional sports channels and events. The regions covered by Sportsnet Now are:

  • Sportsnet Pacific – Regional for British Columbia, Yukon and airs Vancouver Canucks games
  • Sportsnet West – Feed for the Prairies, Northwest territories, Nunavut. It even broadcasts regional Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers games
  • Sportsnet Ontario – Regional for Ontario and airs Toronto Maple Leaf games
  • Sportsnet East – Regional feed for East Ontario, Atlantic Canada and Quebec

How to Watch Sportsnet Now for Free

Sportsnet Now has only one preview channel that hosts a couple of programs for free. 

Apart from this they offer 2 premium subscription tiers that cost $14.99 & $34.99 for a month to around $249 for the year.

To get access to their free channel you will have to login to the Sportsnet Now webpage or click on this link.

But in order to view the channel, you’d have to make sure that you’re either located in Canada to view the content or if you’re overseas then you have a VPN installed.

What are the Sportsnet Now Subscription Packages?

Sportsnet has a total of 2 subscription packages on their site and each plan offers different content. They also have one WWE Network add-on and one WWE Network + Sportsnet Now bundle.

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You can choose to purchase their plans by paying the premium on a monthly basis or you can go ahead and pay less by subscribing to their services with a yearly plan.

How to Watch Sportsnet Now Live Stream for Free
Sportsnet Now Subscription Plans

Let’s go over the plans available on Sportsnet Now as of 2022:

Sportsnet Now Standard

This plan is priced at $14.99 per month and $149.99 with a 17% saving for a year.

They provide over 300+ NHL games as well as Hockey night in Canada, Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey, Stanley Cup Playoffs and more.

The standard plan also includes NBA matches, Blue Jays & MLB, IndyCar, Grand Slam of Curling, National Bank Open, WNBA, FIBA, Raptors 905, Summer League, FA Women’s Super League, and Sportsnet original shows.

Sportsnet Now Premium

The premium plan costs $34.99 a month and $199.99 for the year with $50 savings on the yearly plan.

It covers over 1000+ NHL games, including streams of out-of-market games for every Canadian team, Hockey night in Canada, Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey, Stanley Cup Playoffs and more.

The Sportsnet Now premium plan also has exclusive content available only on this plan. This includes, Out-of-Market Hockey, Sportsnet World, WWE Network (including live PPVs), Bundesliga, FA Cup, United Rugby Championship, Super League Rugby, National Rugby League and Premiership Rugby.

Sportsnet Now + WWE Network Plans

WWE Network on Sportsnet Now 

Sportsnet Now fans can now treat themselves to live access to the WWE network including PPV matches, shows and documentaries.

The add-on package costs $14.99 a month and includes access to live RAW, SmackDown and NXT content.

WWE Network on Sportsnet Now Bundle

Sportsnet Now offers a bundle package that includes access to Sportsnet Now Standard content as well as WWE Network for $24.99 a month.

The plan is designed specifically for those who want to watch WWE content as well as other sports events at an affordable monthly price.

How to Access Sportsnet Now Live Stream?

The unfortunate fact about Sportsnet Now is that the website and app is geo-locked to Canada and can not be accessed overseas. 

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The only way you can access Sportsnet Now overseas is by using a VPN service and setting the Server location to Canada. 

How to Watch Sportsnet Now Live Stream for Free
VPN to Access Sportsnet Now

However, since the network hosts many regional channels you will need to use a premium VPN and choose a particular region to access their sporting content.

For example, if you connect to Sportsnet Now Ontario then you will not be able to view regional events from Quebec, British Columbia or the Prairies.

There are a number of VPN services available that can let you connect to Sportsnet Now no matter where you are. The following VPN services have been tested to work with Sportsnet and can deliver high speed connectivity.


Good all rounder VPN that can unblock most geo-locked content and is best for Sportsnet Now. The service is chargeable, but NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you’re  unhappy with the service.


Surfshark is ideal for viewers on a budget as it offers unlimited connections and apps for all major operating systems. Users can connect to the VPN using a single account across all devices and watch live matches on Sportsnet Now.


ExpressVPN is another fantastic premium service that has some of the fastest servers around for streaming. The app unblocks Sportsnet Now and you will be able to use ExpressVPN across different devices.


CyberGhost is an affordable, but pretty fast VPN service that has the ability to unblock Sportsnet Now. Their service is user friendly and CyberGhost can be downloaded on different devices so you can feel free to watch Sportsnet Now on Android, iOS and Windows.


PrivateVPN is perfect for streaming content available only in Canada. It’s one of the most used apps to unblock Sportsnet Now not only overseas, but within Canada as well. The service is affordable and they offer pretty good streaming speeds.

What Devices Can I Watch Sportsnet Now on?

Sportsnet Now Supported Devices

As of 2022, Sportsnet Now is available on a number of devices such as the 4th generation Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Ignite TV, Samsung Smart TVs (2018 and newer models), and Chromecast.

You will have to download the app from the respective App store and then sign in using your registered credentials.

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However, before you can sign into your account you must enable your VPN and set the server to Canada to get access to your account and watchable content.

How to Watch Sportsnet Now Live Stream for Free
Source: Sportsnet Now

The only drawback with watching Sportsnet Now on a device is that regardless of the subscription plan, you will only be able to watch Sportsnet Now on one device at a time. Even the premium plan does not permit watching Sportsnet Now on multiple devices.

Here’s the complete list of devices that support Sportsnet Now.

Apple TV

Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
Apple TV 4k1080p
Apple TV 4th Generation1080p


Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
Chromecast with Google TV720p
Chromecast Ultra720p
Chromecast 3rd Generation720p
Chromecast 2nd Generation720p

Amazon Fire TV

Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
Fire TV Cube720p
Fire TV Stick Lite720p
Fire TV Stick 4K720p
Fire TV Stick 3rd Generation720p
FireTV built in to TV devices
(Toshiba, Insignia, etc)


Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
Xbox Series X1080p
Xbox Series S1080p
Xbox ONE-X1080p
Xbox ONE- S1080p
Xbox ONE1080p


Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
PlayStation 51080p
PlayStation 4 Pro1080p
PlayStation 4 Slim1080p
PlayStation 41080p

Samsung TV

Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
2018 and newer models1080p

Ignite TV (X1)

Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
Xi6 – Rogers Ignite TV, SmartStream1080p

Android TV

Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
Android 7 or later
Official Google devices
Built in to TVs (Sony, Hisense, etc)720p


Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
iPad (iOS 12 or later)1080p
Android Tab (Android 7 or later)720p
Fire TabletsNot supported


Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
Apple iPhone (iOS 12 or later)1080p
Android phone (Android 7 or later)720p


Device Specific ModelStreaming Resolution Capability
Desktop Web1080p
Android Chrome Browser1080p
iOS Safari Browser1080p
iOS Chrome Browser1080p


Is Sportsnet Now free?

No, Sportsnet Now is not a free service and to watch live matches or sporting events you will have to purchase one of their premium subscription plans.

What is Sportsnet and Sportsnet Now?

Sportsnet is a cable TV channel that hosts major league baseball games, hockey, soccer, tennis, rugby, motoGP and more. Sportsnet Now is the online equivalent of Sportsnet that can be accessed on any device apart from the TV.

Can I watch Sportsnet Now for free?

You can only access the Sportsnet Now free preview page for free and the other streams on the site are blocked unless you purchase a subscription. As of now Sportsnet Now doesn’t provide free services and there’s no trial. The only way you can get connected to Sportsnet Now is by purchasing one of their subscription plans.

Wrapping Up

Sportsnet Now is an online platform which gives viewers access to Sportsnet live television and sports events. It costs $14.99 for a month for the standard subscription and $34.99 a month for their premium subscription. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to watch Sportsnet Now for free and the only way you can access Sportsnet Now if you’re overseas is by using a VPN.

Sportsnet Now has also partnered with the WWE Network to host live WWE, SmackDown, RAW and NXT matches and documentaries.

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