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Poushali Banerjee

Poushali Banerjee is one of India’s leading folk singers. She studied Rabindra sangeet and folk songs. Poushali Banerjee was no stranger to television as she appeared on the popular show SA RE GA MA PA in 2016-17. Despite her successful career in the TV industry, she still maintains a humble life in Santiniketan. This is one of the reasons why her fans flock to her concerts.

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The actress was born in the city of Kolkata and grew up in a low-income neighborhood. At the age of twelve, she began learning music in the “Surbani” organization. She went on to complete her Masters’ degree in Santiniketan. After struggling with her career for six years, she participated in the popular TV show “SA RE GA MA PA” and gained immense popularity. This was followed by an appearance on the popular show “ZEE Bangla” in 2017.

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Aside from her television shows, Paushali Banerjee’s recent album – “Bangla Yashali” – was released in the United States. While primarily a Western-style rock band, it was produced by a Bengali singer. The song was composed by Anindya Chatterjee and recorded in a city studio. Poushali Banerjee crooned the title track.

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